Episode 16 | A Presidential Election for Everyone

Episode 16 | A Presidential Election for Everyone

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The presidential race is heating up, and before long we’ll watch television analysts running the numbers with one question in mind: which candidate will secure 270 Electoral College votes? Our unique mechanism for deciding the presidency has its share of detractors, and conversations about reforming the system often end at the brick wall of the Constitution. But things are changing, as scholars, legislators, and advocates consider creative ways to more closely link the national popular vote with the Electoral College (hint: no constitutional amendment needed). Listen in to learn more about the many states that have made the switch, and how you can help expand the map.

Moderator: Victoria Bassetti, Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice 

Speaker: Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Speaker: Pat Rosenstiel, Senior Consultant, National Popular Vote campaign 

Speaker: Jim Glassman, Founding Executive Director, George W. Bush Institute

Speaker: Sylvia Bernstein, Co-Chair, National Popular Vote Colorado