Episode 19 | The Next Generation of Democracy Reform

Episode 19 | The Next Generation of Democracy Reform

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Millennials and Gen Zers are inheriting a broken political system that’s simultaneously responsible for some of the most consequential issues in their lives—from unprecedented  student loan debt to waning job prospects to a warming planet—and yet ignores their concerns. In this episode, some of the anti-corruption movement’s sharpest emerging leaders will discuss how they’re working past party affiliations to drive youth engagement, build political power, and lead the charge to unrig America’s failed political system in the years to come.

Moderator: Helen Humphreys, National Organizer, RepresentUs

Speaker: Weston Wamp, Senior Political Strategist, Issue One

Speaker: Manu Meel, Chief Executive Officer, BridgeUSA

Speaker: Angie Jean-Marie, Director, #VoteTogether, Civic Nation

Speaker: Benji Backer, American Conservation Coalition