Episode 8 | Ranked Choice Voting on the Rise

Episode 8 | Ranked Choice Voting on the Rise

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A more representative, less divisive system is within our grasp. This episode analyzes the causes of dysfunction in our current voting structure and how ranked choice voting (RCV) opens up opportunities for a more diverse set of viewpoints in the political process. This powerful conversation features advocates and leaders discussing why reforming the way we vote is crucial to restoring power to voters of all political stripes—and how to bring Americans into the fight for ranked choice voting and better elections.

Moderator: Grace Ramsey, Former Director of Outreach, RepresentUs

Speaker 1: Maria Perez, Campaigns Manager, Common Cause New Mexico

Speaker 2: Alan Schwartz, Executive Chairman, Guggenheim Partners

Speaker 3: Mike Griffin, Field & Strategy Consultant, FairVote Minnesota

Speaker 4: Evan McMullin, Executive Director, Stand Up Republic