Every good idea begins with a spark. Democracy reform leaders from across America took to the stage at Unrig Summit 2019 in Nashville, TN to share inspiration and insights from their bold work making change.

The Three Bones

Nina Turner: Former State Senator (D-OH)

Kate Gilmore Vs. Indifference: Why We Should All Stand Up For Human Rights

Kate Gilmore: United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights

Rules of the Game

George Cheung: Director, More Equitable Democracy

From Parent to Advocate to Leader

Jessica Fox: Advocate, Little Lobbyists

Take Your Seat At The Table

Odessa Kelly: Activist, and Community Organizer, Stand Up Nashville

Automatic Voter Registration + Young Voters

Zachary Fisch: Student, Harvard Law

Diverse Young Women Re-IGNITING Our Democracy

Kristin Hayden: Chief Partnership Officer, IGNITE

Political Innovation Will Save Us

Katherine Gehl: Former President & CEO, Gehl Foods

The Rhetoric of Us Versus Them

Zulfat Suara: President-Elect, TN Women Political Caucus

Lowering the Barrier for Inclusion in Politics 

Emily Cherniack: Founder & Executive Director, New Politics

Organized People Vs. Organized Money in New Mexico

Javier Benavidez: Community Organizer, Albuquerque Interfaith

System Strategies to Win Gender Parity

Cynthia Richie Terrell: Founder/Executive Director, RepresentWomen


Feminist Patriotism

Erin Vilardi: Founder and CEO, VoteRunLead

Reclaiming Lobbying As Our Own

Ben Brown: Founder and CEO, Association of Young Americans

“It’s Not the Fish:”
Process Correction Over People Persuasion

Marcus Bass: Executive Director, Advance Carolina

Nashville Oversight Board: Community Uprising

Theeda Murphy: Life Coach/Crisis Counselor, Justice for Jocques

Electing Women to Challenge the Status Quo

Ariel Hill-Davis: Policy Director, GOP Women for Progress

The Power of Celebration to Change Our
Voting Culture
& Increase Turnout

Angie Jean-Marie: Director of Advocacy and Engagement, Civic Nation


Jeannie Alexander: Director, No Exceptions Prison Collective

How Fargo Took the Lead With Approval Voting

Aaron Hamlin: Executive Director &
Co-Founder, The Center for Election Science

Roadmap to a New Democracy

Liz Dupee: Activist, Policy Advocate, Director, Democracy Hub

Moms Defending Our Democracy: The Power of Our Voices and Stories

Donna Norton: Founding Member, Executive VP, and Chief Advancement & Strategy Officer, MomsRising

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Electorate

Jill Brownfield: Partnerships Manager, Democracy Works

Admit It: You Know Less Than You’re Willing To Admit

Ben Sheehan: Founder, Executive Director, OMGWTF

The Cost of Running for Mayor in Coral Springs

Nancy Metayer: Program Manager, The New Florida Majority Party

Releasing Your Own “Better Angel”

Lynn Heady: State Coordinator, Better Angels

Environmental Justice, Social Justice, Educational Justice
and Electoral Justice

Scott Banbury: Sierra Club

Protecting the Movement from Partisan Politics:
How Picking Teams Hurts Us

Nicole Laurent: Represent Washington

Creation of a New Political Party and an Ally
in the ‘Unrigging’ Of America

Brian Mistrot: National Chairman, The Alliance Party

Game Design Thinking for Grassroots Organizing

Libby Falk: Student, MIT

Rejecting the Scare Tactics
of the Gun Lobby

Beth Joslin Roth: Policy Director, Safe Tennessee Project

Tennessee Calling

Carlos Ochoa: Co-Founder, FairVote TN

Darkest Before Dawn: Systemic Reform Is Coming

Adav Noti: Senior Director, Trial Litigation & Chief of Staff, Campaign Legal Center

Investing in the Future of Democracy

Manu Meel: CEO, Bridge USA

How to Keep Your Head Out of the Sand (Post 2016)

Audrey Scagnelli: Founder, Sanity Media

Democracy, Plutocracy, and America in 2019

Daniel Biss: Executive Director, Rust Belt Rising

Unrigging the System through Front Porch Politics

Leslie K. Danks Burke: Founder and President, Trailblazers PAC

The South’s “It” City, If You Can Afford It

Brenda Gadd: Partner, Hancock & Gadd Public Strategies

Debt and Democracy: An Alternative to Austerity

Julio E. López Varona: Co-Director of Community Dignity Campaigns, Center for Popular Democracy

Mismatch: Connecting Across Distance and Divides

Kristin Hansen: Strategy and Technology Advisor, AllSides

A Movement to Unite America

Charles Wheelan: Founder and Co-Chairman, Unite America

Our Stories Create Change

Sara Scott: Regional Organizer, TN Disability

Defusing Desinfo

Greg Spenchian: Director of Policy and Partnerships, Stand Up Republic


Electoral Reform in An Ideological World

Drisana Hughes: Associate Director, Serve America Movement (SAM)



Creating Equal Access to the Ballot Box Across Indian Country

O.J. Semans: Four Directions

Vote for US: How to Take Back Our Elections and Change the Future of Voting

Joshua A. Douglas: Professor, UK College of Law


Top Ten Reasons Volunteers Are Worth The Effort

Jamie Lyons- Eddy: Director of Campaigns & Programs, Voters Not Politicians



What Does Winning Look Like? Video With A Message

Hedrick Smith: Journalist and Author

Strengthening Democracy With Candidate Contracts

Scott Ferguson: President, Candidates With A Contract

Barnstorming the US— To End Corruption in DC

Douglas Hughes: Activist, Writer, Pilot, and Retired mailman