MaryAnne Howland - Unrig Summit 2019

MaryAnne Howland

MaryAnne Howland

MaryAnne Howland

CEO | Ibis Communications

“First and foremost, I am a storyteller for social change and a facilitator for open dialogue that elevates human value. Culturally inclusive communication helps to build bridges, spark relationships and encourage collaboration that inspires transformative change that improves the lives and wellbeing of all of us. My mission is to be that change.”

As Founder and CEO of Ibis Communications, MaryAnne leads a team of consultants and creative professionals to connect visions with purpose through the integration of inclusive conversations, messaging and communications, branding, PR, direct, social and digital marketing, and strategic partnerships to deliver authentic social impact.

She is Founder and CEO of the Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, a leadership development forum designed to facilitate an on-going dialogue with thought leaders, influencers and C-Suite executives advancing, equity, inclusion and sustainability in the US and global markets.

MaryAnne is Vice Chair of the American Sustainable Business Council.