Fierce, Independent, and Fighting for You: Government Watchdogs

Government watchdogs from around the country are at the front lines of the fight for accountability. Four experts: Ann Ravel, Stephen Street, Letitia James, Jennifer Rodgers – congregated on Saturday morning’s “Fierce, Independent, and Fighting for You” panel to discuss the problems plaguing government ethics and transparency – and the potential reforms.

Stephen Street – Louisiana Inspector General

The only state that gives us a real run for our money is Illinois. They’ve had more governors go to jail than we have.

After all these years, I’ve got a thick alligator hide, and I don’t give a shit about these corrupt politicians. You want to have a debate about ethics, I feel very comfortable about my side — so bring it on.

Ann Ravel – former Federal Elections Commission chair

These secretive 501(c)(4)s all had names like ‘We love puppies’… but it turned out that they were all Koch groups that were counting on their donors’ names never being disclosed.